How to Pay Your Student Loans and Stay Sane

I always worried about them but the first time I cried over them was when my girlfriend and I started talking about our money situation. For the first time I discussed my debt, in details, with someone. She knew I had student loans to pay, I had just never pondered too long about how much it will affect my future, perhaps it was my way of keeping it from turning into a bigger anxiety than it already was. Early on I decided I would pay them as fast as my bank account and my common sense allowed me to. I had read this article about a person that paid 75k worth of student loans in 5 years, so I thought to myself “I own 65k, I probably can do the same.” A little naive, but not too crazy of a thought. I also made the choice to not let it take over my life, like the person in the article did. I didn’t want to make ramen noodles cups part of my regular diet or have no savings after 5 years of working as a so called “adult.” Yet there I was, three years into my debt, crying over my debt while my girlfriend tries to console me.