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My thesis project is finally coming to an end. I only have one more week of classes and the printed version of my thesis is done, now I had turned the publication into a DPS, this is an acronym for the adobe products pack named: digital publication suite. This is the last assignment I have to do for school and I could not help but to think of that while I was completing it. Who has not thought of that time when your last-last assignment is complete. when all the assignments are over and is time to say I am done with school.

I know I did couple times, but this does not mean I disliked my assignments, I might have disliked something here and there, but thanks to them I put long days of work and also fun days of work. I enjoyed most of them because they gave me reasons to come to school and ask for feedback, troubleshoot problems, and spend time with my friends all at the same time. How can I not think about it, the fact that I am graduating  it did not happened just by chance. All these past years I saw myself, and my friends, putting hours and hours of work into school projects like this, so that I see this last assignment with a bitter-sweet feeling.