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Interview: Carlos Perez from Elastic People

Carlos Perez, Photographed by Omar Cruz

As part of the last project in my senior year, my thesis-paper and publication, in my school we were asked to interview a person in the field of design who’s work or expertise had relevance to the topic of our thesis. For my project I chose to interview Carlos Perez, creative director and founder of Elastic People. I thought of Carlos Perez as  the right person to interview because my thesis talks about the important role of design in pop music, and Carlos Perez is one the most prestigious names in the Latin music scene in the United States.

Perez has turned his love for music and design into a successful design firm. Today  his creative agency works with a variety of renowned Latin artists. The work coming from Elastic People is multidisciplinary; this consist of film, creative direction, and branding.  Among the several achievement of the agency’s remarkable trajectory there are: the album cover designs for 3 of the top 5 Latin Albums of the last Decade including Daddy Yankee’s Barrio Fino; the #1 Album of the Decade, and creative collaborations with 12 of the decade’s Best Latin Artists; according to Billboard Magazine’s “Best of Decade” Charts. Lastly to name just some of the clients he has done work  for, we have Interscope Records, Machete Music, Sony Music Latin, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, El Cartel Records, Emi Music, Pepsi International, and Nike.

School project

Process leading to “NEXT 2014”

NEXT is an annual exhibit in which the work of graduating students of the Corcoran College is on display, so the works in this exhibit are part of a semester long thesis project from students of all majors. My project is about graphic design in popular music.

Since NEXT is a large project for senior students at my school, this has been divided in two parts. The first one consist in writing the thesis paper. My essay talks about the role of design when depicting our pop culture, especially through its music. In it I discuss that if we look back at the history of pop music, we can distinguish a particular aesthetic for almost any given time. Design is one of those things that is expected to be part of the vernacular that distinguish a period of time, and thanks to the work of designers today we have a visual clue of how these different periods of time looked aesthetically. I chose to talk about this topic because music is something almost anybody can relate to. Who does not remember the cover of his/her favorite music album? Graphic design in a figurative way has given and continues to construct the visual, the image; the aesthetic side of our popular culture. In my thesis paper I talked a lot more about this topic, and I use several album covers as examples of this link between design and culture. Fortunately I chose a topic I have enjoyed learning more about; which made the extensive writing not so daunting. The other part of this project, after finishing the thesis paper, consist of turning our writing into a publication; digital and print. For now we are only in the beginning states of the publication, so these below are some pictures of my paper and thumbnails of some possible design layouts.