Puerto Rico

My visit to Puerto Rico, was motivated mostly because it was my anniversary and for the love that my girlfriend and I share for the music that comes out of this island; but at the end this trip was memorable because of the sheer beauty of the place. Also how can I not mentioned Reggaeton. Being home to Reggaeton, a genre I saw taking off before my eyes and then becoming this sound that reached the whole world, that music that was the soundtrack of my teenager days was the first genre I felt I could identify with, so; yes, Reggaeton was a another big reason I felt allured by this place.

By the way, music like these two:

By peterveras

My name is Peter, I started to blog in my senior year of college. I enjoy writing and documenting things worth remembering.
My nombre es Peter, comencé este blog cuando estaba en mi último año de la universidad. Lo hice porque disfruto escribir y documentar las cosas que vale la pena recordar.

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