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NEXT 2014 | April 10 to May 18

I had the pleasure to be surrounded with people as exited as I am when it comes to creating good work. I saw my friends and now colleagues evolve and hone their skills. To see their work ethic and their creativity combined it was just uplifting. I loved the environment and community the Corcoran has, from the faculty to the alumni; they all made it that much easier to pull-off all those all-nighters and still have the energy to get your work critic day after day. For me, and for many others I am sure, it was a challenge I was glad I took.

Sometimes is easier to picture things than to put it into words so here I leave you a small gallery of photos that students in the school have sort of documented by tagging it with the word “Corclife”.

And just for fun,and so I remember those sleepless nights, another hashtag that went around that I did not know about until I was featured in the hashtag’s feed one day, “Corcnaps.”

NEXT is a milestone before graduation and I really saw the excitement in everybody’s face the night during the opening reception. I took my family too and I was glad they got to meet some of the faculty and friends I made in the Corcoran. If you would like to know more about the exhibit visit the website of the exhibition:

To finally end these sort of series of posts about NEXT, I got this excerpt from the exhibit’s site that further explain what all the exhibition’s means to the school and its students:
“This annual exhibition celebrates work by the graduating students of the Corcoran College of Art and Design. NEXT includes both an exhibition of the thesis work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts class of 2014 and a showcase of the Bachelors and Masters of Arts degree programs at the Corcoran. In the words of its founder, the Corcoran is “dedicated to art.” Its museum presents, interprets and preserves the art of our times and of times past; its college of art nurtures and helps shape new generations of artists and designers. Education is a central focus, not just in the Corcoran’s classrooms but in its galleries and throughout the greater Washington region. Though American art is the collection’s emphasis, the art of other nations and cultures is, when appropriate, acquired and exhibited.”

By peterveras

My name is Peter, I started to blog in my senior year of college. I enjoy writing and documenting things worth remembering.
My nombre es Peter, comencé este blog cuando estaba en mi último año de la universidad. Lo hice porque disfruto escribir y documentar las cosas que vale la pena recordar.

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